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Suzy-Q Cleaners in Richboro, PA will take MUCH better care of you!

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I brought in a dress shirt to be laundered and get a call from an employee saying that the cleaner returned it because there were two large holes in the shirt.  I went in to the store to look at the shirt and the two holes were huge.  There was no question in my mind that I didn’t bring in the shirt in this condition.  Not one time did the employee apologize for destroying my dress shirt.  Instead, she proceeded to explain to me that shirts don’t last forever, this is clearly an old shirt, etc.  I got the feeling that they were taking the defensive position instead of apologizing for ruining the shirt and offering to compensate me for the loss.  The next day the owner of the store calls me to tell me what a dilemma HE’S in because I’m saying I didn’t bring it in this way and the cleaner is saying they didn’t do it.  He also goes onto tell me that the shirt was worth nothing and on the ticket it clearly states they’re only responsible for 16x the value of the amount of dry cleaning or $16.  He continued on to tell me about national averages for life expectancy of a shirt.  So I guess it’s reasonable for the public to expect that once a shirt hits a certain age, it’s okay for a cleaner to put two large rips in it?  Again, at no time does he even come close to apologizing for destroying the shirt.  By the way, the shirt wasn’t that old and I wore it to business meetings and considered it in okay condition.  It’s unfortunate.  They’ve lost a customer.  All they had to say was  we’re sorry for destroying your shirt and we’ll compensate you for your loss.  What it would have cost them to apologize and pay a reasonable amount towards a new shirt – not the whole amount – is far less than the revenue they’re going to lose from my family’s business we give them.

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Recently moved back to the area on a temporary basis. I have an important interview coming up and I wanted to look my best so I brought a few shirts and pants in to Earls Cleaners to be dry cleaned. Two of the shirts were embossed. Tiny square blocks cover the entire Calvin Klein shirt which are raised. Their turnaround time was incredibly fast. I got them back the next day only to discover they were pressed which obviously is not good on an embossed dress shirt. They were ruined! I returned to Earl’s and complained to the 17 year old snotty girl behind the counter. She admitted that they could not be repaired. No kidding, really? She recommended I take them back to the store I bought them from. LMAO!!! Wow! That’s your solution? Make someone else pay for your mistake? Unfortunately, her supervisor will not be in until the following morning. So I will need to get there prior to my interview. I am not leaving until I receive restitution. I am absolutely livid. Two Calvin Klein dress shirts, ruined.

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I will never come back here again!! Told me one price and then charged me a lot more. I brought a Quilt and they charge me for comforter. Also the manager was very rude! Don’t waste your money$.

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Took a suit jacket and pants in to be cleaned for my husband. They only returned the jacket. Weeks later they finally found out they gave them to someone else who had returned them and they sat there for weeks not knowing who’s they were until we kept calling repeatedly. Unreal!

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The owner, Earl, is an old GRUMPY man. He did not have any manners. I was only in the store for about 5 minutes waiting for my clothes, and whileI was in there I witnessed him treating the employees, two college-aged girls, terribly. He was yelling and complaining to them , as if he were a stubborn 7-year-old boy who didnt get his way with his parents. I will definitely be going to a different cleaner in the future.

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